An easy to use appreciation platform your team will love


Share a link

With just a link, anyone inside or outside your organisation can share praise.


Collect praise

Praiseworthy organises all your team's praise in one central place - making it easy to search and find later.



Acknowledge your team with digital and physical certificates or send them in the post - all within Praiseworthy.


Learn & grow

Identify & reward top performers and understand what's driving employee happiness.

Easy to implement

Praiseworthy is designed to be easy to use. It's a tool employees actually enjoy using.
Just a link - no accounts required for employees
Manage from a centralised dashboard
Customised for your brand for a professional feel
Add up to unlimited team admins

Ways to praise

One link. Unlimited ways to praise.
Team meetings

Record achievements of the week in Praiseworthy so teams are recognised.

Employee groups

Run a team Facebook group or Teams channel? Share your Praiseworthy link to make collecting praise & recognising success easy.

Customer newsletters

Include your Praiseworthy link in your regular newsletters as regular reminders to recognise others.

Social media

Share your Praise link on your social pages to collect praise from employees and customers.

Employee onboarding

Make praise part of the employee journey & boost confidence by sharing  praise at regular intervals.


Invite employees and customers to ahare praise via text message - all from your Praiseworthy dashboard.

Bring out the best in your team

Recognise success, gather continuous feedback, and so much more.